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Production at the Kaltenkirchen plant is focused on caseinates and employs optimized extrusion technology. During extrusion process, indissoluble acid casein is converted into dissolvable caseinate. This is done by injecting an alkaline hydroxide dissolution into the extruders, which neutralizes the acid casein under high temperature and converts it to dissolvable caseinate.

In addition, the very latest blending systems are available, which facilitate the production of products with customized compositions and characteristic functionality. During production of the various blends, several dry milk components are blended together. The blends consist mainly of own products and also third party buyout products, as for example milk powder and whey powder.

Products from Kaltenkirchen are utilized primarily by the food industry, generally as a single ingredient in the production of yoghurt, coffee creamer, infant food, sports nutrition, diet products, as well as wine and meat industry items.